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Más de 400 empresas que no usan transgénicos en sus productos

Publié par Contra información sur 6 Septembre 2013, 11:19am

Si quiere seguir comiendo veneno, puede unirse a los "científicos" que siguen vomitando mentiras financiadas por Monsanto. Nos están diciendo que los cultivos genéticamente modificados son saludables y buenos para el medio ambiente - y que son necesarios para alimentar a la población mundial. Dicen todo esto, mientras la humanidad se mantuvo perfectamente alimentada sin charlatanería química hasta hace unos 60 años, a la vez que desperdiciaba millones de toneladas de comida orgánica. Sin embargo, si usted sabe que los transgénicos son una maquina productora de clientes para la Industria Farmacéutica, que generan cáncer, infertilidad y en definitiva, fueron diseñados para despoblar, he aquí algunas opciones.




Cortesía de Non-GMO Project, publicamos una lista de empresas internacionales que hacen muchos o incluso la mayoría de sus productos sin transgénicos:

A: 365, 479 Degrees, A. Vogel, Adams Vegetable Oils, Agrana, Agricor Inc., Ah!Laska, Alexia, Alter Ego, Alverado Street Bakery, Amande, Amelia, Among Friend’s, Amy’s Kitchen, Andalou Naturals, Angie’s Artisan Treats, Annie’s, Ariven Planet, Arrowhead Mills, Artisan Bistro, Artisan Bistro Home Direct, Atlantic Organic, Atlantic Rose, Attune Foods, Autumn Sky wild

B: Back to Nature, Bainter Extra Virgin Sunfllower Oil, Bakery On Main, Barbara’s, Barlean’s Organic Oils, Barnana, Barney Butter, Basic Food Flavors, Inc., Beach Bum Foods, Beanfields, Beanitos, Bearitos, Berlin Natural Bakery, Better Bean, BetterStevia, Bhakti Chai, Biad Chili Products, Bites of Bliss, Blue Diamond, Blue Print, Bold Organics, Bora Bora, Boulder Canyon Natural Foods, Brad’s Leafy Kale, Brad’s Raw for Paws, Brad’s Raw Chips, Brad’s Raw Crackers, Brad’s Raw Onion Rings, Braga Organic Farms, Bragg, Brand Aromatics, Bridgewell Resources, Bubbies, Blue Natural

C: Cabo Chips, Cadia, Cal-Organic Farms, Cafia Farms, California Olive Ranch, Canfo Natural Products, Canyon Bakehouse, Cape Cod Select, Catania, Cave Chick, Cedar’s, Central Market Organics, Chappaqua Crunch Granola, Cheweco Organics, Chez Marie, Inc., ChiaRezza! OMG Foods Inc, Choice Organic Teas, Chosen Foods, CHS Oilseed Processing, Chunks O’ Fruti, Ciao Bella Gelato, Ciranda, CleanVia, Coconut Secret, Cocozia, Cool Cups, Coral LLC, Country Choice Organic, Crispy Cat, Crofters, cruncha ma•me, Crunch Master, Curtie’s Juice
D: Dave’s Gourmet, David’s Unforgettables, Deli-catessen, Della, Desert Essence, Doctor in the Kitchen, Doctor Kracker, Dr. Arenander’s BrainGain & Oral Care, Dr. Bronner’s Magic, Dream, Drew’s LLC, Dulsweet
E: Earth Balance, Earth’s Best, EatPastry, Eatsmart, EcoTeas, Edazen, Eden, Edward & Sons, Eighth Wonder, Emerald Cove, Emile Noel, Emmy’s Organics, Emperor’s Kitchen, Endangered Species Chocolate, Ener-G Foods, Engine 2, Enjoy Life Foods, Envirokidz, EO, Erewhon, Essential Living Foods, Inc, Everyday Superfoods

F:Fairfield Specialty Eggs, Familia, FanciFood, Fantastic World Foods, Farm to Table Foods, Farmer’s Market, Farmhouse Culture, Field Day, Field Roast Grain Meat Company, Fillmore Farms, Fiordifrutta, Flamous Organics, Flax USA, Flora, Follow Your Heart, Freekeh Foods, Freekehlicious, Freeline Organic Foods, Fresh & Easy, Frey, Frontier, Froovie, Fruit Bliss, Fruit Chia, Fry Group Foods, Fungi Perfecti LLC, Funky Monkey Snacks

G: Garden Bar, Garden of Eatin’, Garden of Life, gimMe, Gin Gins, Gingras XO, Giving Nature, GL Soybeans, Global River, GlucoLift, Gluten Free Pantry by Glutino, Glutino, Gnu Foods, Go Raw, Golazo, GoMacro Inc, Good Health Natural Foods, Good Karma, GoodBelly, GoOrganic/GoNaturally, GoPicnic, Grain Place Foods, Grains of Wellness, Green Gem, Green Island Rice, Green Mountain Gringo, Green Mustache, Grimmway Farms, Growing Naturals, Guayaki, Guiltless Gourmet

H: Haig’s Delicacies, Haiku, Hail Merry, Hapi Foods Group Inc., Happy Baby Pouches, HappyTot, Harvest Bay, Haute Cuisine, Health is Wealth, Health Warrior, Heavenly Organics, Herbal Zap, High Country Kombucha, Hiland Naturals, Hilary’s Eat Well, Himalania, HimalaRose, HimalaSalt, Hodgson Mill, Hol-Grain, Home Appetit, HomeFree, House Foods, Houweling’s Tomatoes
I: Ian’s, Imagine, Immaculate Baking, Immortality Alchemy, Imperial Gourmet, Indianlife, Intiyan, It Tastes Raaw

J: Jaali Bean, JaynRoss Creations LLC, Jeff’s Naturals, Jessica’s Natural Foods, Jolly Llama, JustFruit

K: Kamut, Keller Crafted Meats, Kettle Foods, Kettlepop, Kiji, KIND Healthy Snacks, Kiwa, Konriko, Koyo, Kur Organic Superfoods

L: La Reina, La Spagnola, La Tolteca, La Tourangelle, Lafiya Foods, Lassens, Laughing Giraffe Organics, Laurel Hill, Lekithos, LesserEvil, Let’s Do, Licious Organics, Lillabee Allergy Friendly Baking, Little Duck Organics, livingNOW gluten-free, Loeb’s, Louts Foods, Lucy’s, Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss, Lundberg Family Farms

M:Mac-n-Mo’s, Made in Nature, Madhava, Mamma Chia, Manitoba Harvest, Marconi Naturals, Maria & Ricardo, Marinelli’s True Italian Pasta Sauce, Mariner Biscuit Company, Martha’s All Natural, Marukan, Marukome USA, Mary’s Chicken, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Mary’s Little Garden, Mary’s Organic Chicken, Mary’s Organic Turkey, Mary’s Pasture Raised Chicken, Maui Maid, Mediterranean Organic, Mediterranean Snacks, MegaFood, Melt Organic, Metabolic Response Modifiers (MRM), Mighty Mustard, Mighty Rice, Mighty-O Donuts, Mindful Meats, Minsa, Minsley, Miracle Noodle, Miso Master, Modesto WholeSoy Co., Momo’s, Montana Specialty Mills LLC, Mori-Nu, Mt Vikos, Muesli Munch, Multiple Organics, MXO GLOBAL INC., My Chi Delights

N: Naked Coconuts, Naosap Harvest, Napa Valley Naturals, Nasoya, Nathan’s, Native Forest Distributed by Edward & Sons, Natural Directions, Natural Habitats, Natural Nectar, Natural Sea, Natural Tides, Natural Vitality, Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd, Nature Built, Nature Fed, Nature Way, Nature’s Express, Nature’s Path, Navitas Naturals, Nejaime’s, Nest Fresh, New Chapter, New England Naturals, New Organics, New York Superfoods, Nexcel Natural Ingredients, Nexcel Soy, Niagara Natural, NibMor, Nordic Naturals, North Coast, NOW Foods, NOW Healthy Foods, NOW Real Food, NOW Real Tea, Nu Life Market, Numi Organic Tea, Nummy Tum Tum, NurturMe, Nutiva, Nutrigold®, Nuts About Granola

O: Oh Baby Foods, Old Wessex, Oleicus/Oleico, Once Again, One Degree Organic Foods, One World, Organic Baby, Organic Planet, Organic Valley, Organicville, Oriya Organics, Ozery Bakery

P: Pacific Natural Foods, Pacific Northwest Farmers, Paisley Tea Co, Palo Root Tea, Pampas Rice / Organic Latin, Pan De Oro, Pascha, Pastorelli Food Products Inc, Peace Cereal, PEACOCK, Peanut Butter & Co., Peeled Snacks, Peggy’s Premium, PJ’s Organics, Planet Rice, Plum Organics, Popcorn Indiana, Popcornopolis, Powbab, President’s Choice, PROBAR, PuraSource, Pure, Pure Country Pork, Pure Eire, Purely Decadent, Purely Elizabeth, Pyure Brands
Q: Q.bel, Qrunch Foods, Quinn Popcorn

R: R.W. Knudsen, Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, Rapunzel, RAU, Red Hat Co-operative Ltd, Reese, Revive, RiceSelect, Righteously Raw, Rigoni di Asiago Honey, Rishi Tea, Rising Moon Organics, Risodipasta, Rivara, ROBE and Riverina Natural Oils LLC, Roots Route 11, Royal Hawaiian Orchards, Rumiano Family Cheese, Runa, Ruth’s Foods, RW Garcia

S: Sacha, Saffron Road, Sage V Foods, Sainthood Herbs, Salba Smart, Sally’s Smart Foods, Salute Santé!, Sambazon, San-J, Santa Cruz Organic, Scratch and Peck, SeaSnax, Secret Squirrel, Seven Stars Farm, Sharkies, Shortstacks, Silk, Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery, Simple Origins, Simply Soy Yogurt, Simply Suzanne, Sir Kensington’s, SK Food, Skout, Snyder’s of Hanover, So Delicious Dairy Free, Sol Cuisine, Somersault Snack Co., Sophie’s Kitchen, Source, Soyatoo, Spectrum, Spectrum Ingredients, Spicely, Squarebar, Stahlbush Island Farms, Stahlbush Island Farms Ingredients, Stark Sisters Granola, Stash Teas, Stiebrs Farms Go-Organic Eggs, Stone Buhr Flour Company, Straus Family Creamery, Stretch Island Fruit Co, Suja Juice, Sun Cups, SunE900, Sunfood Superfoods, SunRidge Farms, Sunset, Sunset Kidz, Sunshine Burger, Superberries, Surf Sweets, Sushi Sonic, Sweet Sass Foods, Sweet Tree, Sweet Leaf
T: TAMBOR, Taste of Nature, Tasty Brand, TeaPops, That’s It., The Better Chip, The Chia Co, The Fresh Market, The Ginger People, The Pure Wraps, The Republic of Tea, The Scoular Company, The Simply Bar, The Solio Family, Theo Chocolate, Third Street, Inc., Three Farmers, Tiny But Might, TOMMYS, Tonnino, Trace Minerals Research, Traditional Medicinals, Tree of Life, Tropical Traditions, Tru Joy Sweets, truRoots, truwhip, Turtle Island Foods, Two Leaves Tea Company, Two Moms in the Raw, TwoFold

U: Udi’s, Union Market, Upfront Foods

V: Van’s Natural Foods, Vegga, Veggie-Go’s, Venus, VerMints, Veronica Foods, Viana, Victoria, Vigilant Eats, VitaV, Viterra

W: Watts Brothers, Way Better Snacks, Wayfare, Weetabix, Western Foods, WestSoy, Whole Alternatives, Whole Earth, Whole Harvest, Whole Pantry, Wholesome Chow, Wholesome Sweeteners, WholeSoy & Co., Wild Veggie, Wildbrine, Wildwood, Willamette Valley, Wingfoot, Wisdom of the Ancients, Woodstock
X: XO Baking Co.

Y: Yamasa, Yoga, Yogavivie

Z: Zema’s Madhouse Foods, Ziggy Marley Coco’Mon, Ziggy Marley Hemp Rules, Zing Bars, Zulka










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