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La familia judía sabatea saudí ofreció 500.000$ de joyas a Hillary Cllinton

Publié par Contra información sur 2 Septembre 2013, 07:43am



¿Qué podemos esperar de los descendientes judíos sabateos?, la  criptojudía dinastía saudita, prefiere ofrecer suntuosas joyas adornadas de rubíes y diamantes valoradas en 500.000 dólares a su hermana Hillary Rodham Clinton, también judía y entregar armas químicas a la secta adoradora del diablo   Jabhat An-nusra  para gasear al pueblo sirio.

Saudi King lavishes Hillary Clinton with $500K worth of jewels

Saudi King Abdullah kicked it extremely old school in terms of diplomatic glamour by lavishing then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with $500,000 in white gold jewelry encrusted with rubies and diamonds last year, according to the Federal Register. While the president and many other ambassadors and politicians received gifts from foreign contacts in 2012, most are valued under $5,000. Half a million in ice? That’s pretty cool. The Constitution specifically prohibits U.S. government employees from accepting presents from kings, princes or foreign heads of state, and all gifts should technically be turned over to the General Services Administration for donation or public use. So if Clinton shows up to the DNC looking like Mr. T, we’ll know something’s amiss.




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