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La fábrica de mosquitos de Bill Gates en Colombia

Publié par Contra información sur 12 Juin 2023, 13:08pm

La fábrica de mosquitos de Bill Gates en Colombia

30 millones de mosquitos genéticamente modificados son liberados cada semana en 11 países. Porque Bill sabe mejor que la naturaleza, lo que podría salir mal.


Should Bill Gates be releasing 30 million genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild? Part of the mentality of earth-as-engineering-object. What could possibly go wrong?
Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis
BILL GATES - This is Bill’s mosquito factory in Colombia. It’s the largest in the world. 30 million genetically modified mosquitoes are released every week into 11 countries. Because Bill knows better than nature, what could possibly go wrong.
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-The mosquitos carry Wolbachia, a bacteria gatesnotes.com/Mosquito-Facto… -They've been releasing regularly since 2011 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P… -According to the CDC, the mosquitos themselves are not genetically modified and only male mosquitos are released. Male mosquitos don't bite, they feed off nectar from flowers cdc.gov/mosquitoes/mos… nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NE… worldmosquitoprogram.org/en/work/wolbac…
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